MrBoardGame shows a fixed number of ads to users that have the software installed. We spend a lot of time and effort maintaining our numerous FREE games, so help us out by installing this software.

Ad revenue is used to support the MrBoardGame software. We server a fixed number of ads to our user per day and do not store any Personally Identifiable Information (PII). There are different types of ad units served by the MrBoardGame software including new page, video ads, text link ads. We display a clear branding box along with uninstall instructions in the event that a user would like to uninstall or learn more about our advertisements.

Our internal ad compliance and approval team continuously monitors our advertisers to ensure that all rules are upheld.

Users are able to uninstall MrBoardGame at any time. You can go to our uninstall instructions linked from the bottom of this page for more details.